A Night Sky (Gear VR)

Some work I have done for the Gear VR Title "A Night Sky". Currently available free on the Oculus store for mobile.

Built and lit the environment. Created environment assets and a few characters on a tight budget so it runs smoothly on a mobile VR platform. Also painted the skybox.

All characters (except wolf and UFO built and textured by Luke Owen)

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Tobias koepp ans screenshot 01

Player View

Tobias koepp finalshots 002

Player View

Tobias koepp screenshot004

Wolf Character

Tobias koepp screenshot003

Ufo Character

Tobias koepp screenshot010

Trophies. (Creature Base models by Luke Owen except Wolf and UFO)

Tobias koepp screenshot005

Background Buildings

Tobias koepp screenshot007

Modular Rock Set

Tobias koepp screenshot008

Camp Assets

A Night Sky - Official Trailer - Free on Samsung Gear VR, Powered by Oculus