Venezia (WIP01)

Back on a bigger environment again. So expect some work in progress dumps every now and then ;)

This environment is going to be a fanart based on the style of Overwatch. I bet you have heard of it. I really fell in love with the style and imagined an environment that I thought would be interesting in the universe of the game and came up with my version of Venice (Italy). While working on this I am trying to keep the characters abilities in mind and make sure to include some interesting sniper positions, covers, rooftops, wallruns, etc, so I am trying to find a balance between imagined gameplay and presentation. Also going fully PBR this time trying to include Substance Painter into my workflow and using UE4 again.

I also started a Polycount thread here, where I will try to post more frequently

Let me know what you think :D Always open for suggestions, ideas, critiques and gifs.